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It's always useful and pleasant to have your own set of surfboard plans adapted to your personal requirements . You'll be able to build a beautiful surfboard anywhere in the world and enjoy surfing in paradise.


To order your surfboard custom plans, please visit first the Surfboards Shop to choose a model without order it yet, next visit the Custom Parameters menu to fill out the form and then finally order the surfboard in the Surfboards Shop.In Surfboards Shop you'll find the Templates of the surfboards and a link to upload your own artwork for surfboard. Standard Dimensions menu is for the standard Template dimensions of the surfboard.  

Design your own surfboard with LUMINISURF and have it cut  in 300 cutting centers  working with LUMINISURF CNC around the world!

Thanks to our efforts you'll be able to surf with the surfboard of your dreams. Choose a surfboard and fill out the Custom Parameters form  with prefered dimensions, Rider Age, Weight , Skills, Fitness, Frequency, Approach, Waves Size and Waves Power. You can use the Standard Dimension list to inspire you. We will email you a complete set of plans including designs, CNC plans, CNC files and Hydrostatic calculations, by which you can build your perfect surfboard in a cutting center near your home.

Each board is accompanied by his interactive 3D model.

You can send us your own surfboard artwork after you choose the board.

We design surfboards with the help of the most advanced CAD software, and we'll digitally deliver the detailed plans. For your pleasure!

Periodically, we add new surfboards models.

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